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I use yoga magic to help you reconnect with your true self. Together we can explore what it means to openly be in present through breath, movement, and meditation.

Practice, connect, and thrive on your mat with me.

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Why choose Yoga from Jupiter?

Yoga has been a powerful force in my life, helping me find peace and strength in difficult times. It offered me peace and happiness even during the stormiest days of my mind. The more I learned about it, the more I wanted to share it. I truly believe if the practice can touch any heart as it did mine, it might change so much in the world. If not in the world, so much in one’s life, body, and mind.

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“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”
— B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life

Yoga is not only about physical practice.

It starts in your mind the moment you decide to come onto your mat. Each time we get there, we open ourselves up to new experiences, new challenges, and new possibilities.

Cultivate strength, flexibility, and balance in both your body and mind. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, I offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your practice at your own pace.

Necla binding her hands behind her back

Just Choose Your Flow

Hatha – Vinyasa

The breath is the way. When the fluid, dynamic movement of Vinyasa meets steady, traditional yoga postures.

Power yoga

Need some sweat? Come and build stamina & strength through a fast-flowing sequence of yoga postures.

Yin yoga

Explore your yin, away from the chaos. A slow-paced, meditative practice to tune into your body & vast inner world.

What do people say?

  • “Necla is an absolutely brilliant YOGA teacher. You always feel uplifted after a session. She has an awesome attitude and is always very personable. A very reliable and knowledgeable teacher who challenges you to continuously improve.”
    Nitin & Jigisha
  • “It was my first time attending a yoga class. Necla was extremely professional, taking the time to explain what each step/action meant and how to correctly get into position. She carefully planned and adapted her lesson to make sure all can benefit and enjoy the class. The time spent doing the class with Necla was relaxing yet invigorating and has inspired me to take up Yoga permanently. I would recommend her classes to all.”
  • “Yoga is the most enjoyable part of my life for the last three years and Necla is the person who introduced me to yoga and made me love it. The face-to-face and online yoga classes I took from her and the meditation work we did together not only taught me new things but also gave me the desire and self-confidence to continue on this path. Necla, who showed me with her presence both on the mat and outside, and made me realize that the most important thing is to take a step, albeit small, and keep taking it, is a very good guide. With the inspiration I get from her, I find inspiration in myself and continue to do yoga. I am filled with joy for what she has taught me and excited for what she will teach me.”
  • “Necla is an amazing yoga teacher who is reliable, punctual, calming, and comforting. I particularly enjoy the different yoga flows Necla teaches; they are always challenging but very enjoyable as I strive to improve. Since practising yoga with Necla, my flexibility has improved greatly. I thank her for being my Yoga Teacher.”
    Val A.
  • “I feel lucky that I have started my yoga journey with Necla who has a sincerity and enthusiasm to teach Yoga in an authentic way. Especially after the first yinyoga classes, I was in a shock about why I haven't started much more earlier. She wonderfully plannes the classes and makes you feel comfortable whatever your level is. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to get start in their yoga journey and see results both in their body and mind.”
  • “I was lucky to have Necla as my Yoga instructor for 3-months. Necla is an excellent practitioner, with a genuine interest and patience in her 'yogis.' I attended a 'Chakra Masterclass' with Necla - which included healing meditations. The experience was literally Life Changing! I honestly believe Necla has a special connection with Yogic philosophy, which is not to be missed!”
    Paul G.

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