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Whatever your level of experience or fitness level, there is a type of yoga that is right for you. Each style paints its own picture, offering something different for everyone. Check the classes below to find your own flow. If you are not sure, no worries! Just contact me and we will figure it out.

Yoga can change your life for good. All you need is a space & yourself.

Hatha Vinyasa – As Rooted as the Mountains

Imagine a yoga class where you can find peace in the pace and power in the passive. These yoga classes offer you a perfect journey between fluidity and stability. You can build, energize, stretch and calm your muscles; restore and vitalize your energy. To summarize, here goes one of my favorite quotes on Yoga: “A powerful Vinyasa practice can shake things up to the point of calming things down.”

Yin or Vin-Yin – As Deep as the Oceans

Experience a calm, meditative, and serene inward yoga practice on your mat. You can learn to surrender to gravity and present moment in your own body while observing the mind. With a direct focus on the nervous system, internal organs, and connective tissues, these classes as deep as the oceans can allow you to discover some parts of your body that are long forgotten.

Power Yoga – As Brisk as the Winds

This yoga series is for anyone who wants to see some sweat on the mat. It is to energize and strengthen our bodies with active yet mindful flows. Yes, yoga is all about the union of the body, mind, and spirit. But there is no harm or shame in enjoying energetic, fast-paced, awakening flows. With this type of class, learn to be like the winds: invisible, invincible and inspiring!

"Calming the mind is yoga. Not just standing on the head.”

— Swami Satchidananda

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